Environmental responsibility and climate change issues are prevalent in all aspects of education and that is reflected in the seminars and exhibits at Learning & Teaching Expo. Over the years LTE has been undertaking to audit the show’s environmental impact and under the terms of our pledge to make the show a net-zero carbon event we are committed to sustainable practices in every area of managing Asia’s leading education event and to promoting sustainability, to create a better world for future generations.

1.) Green Aisles
Saving of 3,690 square meters of non-woven needle punch carpet and 1,350 Kilograms of exhibition waste that would otherwise have gone straight to landfill.

2.) Paperless on Badges
With the implementation of our real-time electronic registration app we saving of approximately 15,000 paper badges/ plastic badges holders and buckle woven lanyards.

3. Raw Space MAX height reduced to 3mH
Reduce the maximum stand height at the show to 3 meters, which reduces the amount 30% of wooden construction onsite.

New height restriction influences less use of materials, equipment, transportation, set-up time and trash disposal at move-out.

Helps to improve health and safety at our events as lower stand heights are proven to massively reduce accident statistics in venues.

4. Signages change from foamboard to fabric and frame
Use Matrix Frame & fabric lightbox reduce pollution by minimizing the use of wood and foamboard

5. Exhibitor Manual: Go Green Approach since 2021