Visitor Registration

## Every registrant must use his/her personal email for registration.


Eventbrite - Learning and Teaching Expo 2019 學與教博覽2019

- Access your eTicket
- Manage your personal profile

- Register for the Expo Programmes
- Check and change your personal agenda

Step-by-step Registration Procedures

Follow the procedures below to register for your admission badge and expo programmes. For enquiries, please contact us on +852 3703 3887 or at

Step 1: Register for Your Admission Badge

1.1 Click and acces the registration page on Eventbrite. Click  on the right hand side. 

1.2 Under the suitable ticket type, choose '1' ticket to register in the drop-down menu, and click  to complete the registration form.

New user of Eventbrite:

Your Eventbrite account will be created after registering for the admission badge. A separate email from Eventbrite will be sent to you for Eventbrite account activation. Please activate your account to access your eTicket and manage your personal profile.

Existing user of Eventbrite:

Register your admission badge with your Eventbrite’s registered email. Log into your Eventbrite account to access your eTicket and / or manage your personal profile.

1.3 Receive your eTicket in the confirmation email. 

Note: Please bring your eTicket to redeem a physical admission badge on-site.

Step 2: Enrol in Expo Programmes

2.1 Activate your Sched Account with Web Browser

# New user of Sched, i.e. the programme registration system: Set a new password to activate your account, and be directed to the expo programme page for enrolment.

* Existing user: Enter the password of your registered Sched account and click ‘Log in’, and be directed to the expo programme page for enrolment.

2.2 Enrol in Expo Programmes

2.2a1 Log into your Sched account.
2.2a2 Select any available session(s), and click ‘Add to My Sched’ to register.
2.2a3 To remove selected session(s), simply uncheck the session(s) and click 'Save to My Sched'.

2.2b1 Download the 'LTExpo' mobile App on App Store or Google Play.

2.2b2 Log in the App with your Sched account details.

2.2b3 Click any available sessions for further details, and click ‘Add to My Sched’ to enrol.

2.2b4 Access your personal schedule with your selected sessions by clicking .

2.2b5 To cancel registration, click the registered session(s) and click ‘Remove from My Sched’, then refresh your personal schedule.

- If you use a shared computer / mobile device for registration on both Eventbrite and Sched, please be reminded to log out after use to protect your privacy and personal information.
- You MUST register for an admission badge first to enrol in any programmes.
- You MUST activate your Sched account before enrolling in any programmes.
- You will receive an individual email notification for all registrations or changes you have made.
- You can always log in to and check your personal schedule with the web browser or mobile app
- You are highly recommended to use the mobile app for easy arrangement of your personal schedule, and for receiving instant messages from the organiser regarding the news and updates of the Expo programmes before and during the event.
- You may reset your password if you cannot register for expo programmes.