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Learning & Teaching Expo supports education professionals to equip themselves for forthcoming challenges. By visiting LTE, they are able to source the latest educational resources, explore creative yet effective pedagogies, and share ideas and experiences with your peers from around the world.

In 2018, 13,505 education professionals visited LTE from across the region. And they include:

  1. Representatives of Government Bodies and Educational Departments
  2. School Leaders, Owners, Directors, Managers, Charities, Bursars, Purchasing Managers
  3. Head Teachers / Principals / Heads of Departments
  4. Members of Parent Associations
  5. Pre-services and In-service Teachers
  6. Management of Training Colleges
  7. Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Buying Agents
  8. University Deans / Professors
  9. Educational Consultants / Administrators

What do our visitors have to say?

”I am here to check out the exciting immersive education solutions which provide opportunities for students to create things in a virtual world.
I am also amazed by many exhibits which help us promote student-centred learning which shifts the focus of instruction from teachers to students.
I will definitely come back next year!”

Mr Dalton Flanagan
Mr Dalton Flanagan
Teacher, Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong

 ”There are a lot of exhibitors showcasing their solutions here at LTE and this is exactly what we need to foster the educational development.
Through collaboration, we can enrich the learning content by mixing and matching different ideas and tools.”

Mr Wu Ming-hsuan
Mr Wu Ming-hsuan
Master of Education M.Ed., National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan

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