Participating in Learning & Teaching Expo is one of your best marketing decisions of the year. To maximise your visibility the following tools may facilitate your exhibition promotion.

VIP Nomination / Group Registration

Help your clients and VIP guests to register for the Expo.

Registration Procedures
  1. DOWNLOAD the Group Registration Form
  2. Complete the form and provide all the necessary information. (All registrants must provide their individual emails / Mark ‘V’ in the remarks column if you want to nominate specific registrants as VIPs)
  3. Save the form as an individual excel file
  4. Submit the form HERE

# For further information of VIP nomination and group registration, including the deadline, please refer to Form two of the exhibitor order form in the Exhibitor Online Manual.

Invite Your Clients

Send the Invitation eCard to let your current VIP clients know about your presence in the Expo!

Click HERE to use the eCard.

Download Expo Logo

To increase awareness of your presence in the Expo, you may use the Expo logo in any marketing materials like email, banner, magazine advertisement, website, etc. Click here: (jpg format psd format) to download the Expo Logo.

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