Mr Stanley KAM Wai Ming

Mr Stanley KAM Wai Ming

Vice-Chairman, The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education; Principal, HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School


Mr Stanley Kam Wai Ming, the Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education and Director of EdCity, is keen on promoting various technology education initiatives among schools and educators; and has been involved in various territory-wide and mainland China-Hongkong committees on STEM education, curriculum development and eLearning.

His work includes chairing the CDC-HKEAA Committee on Information and Communication Technology, CDC Committee on Learning Resources & Support Services and being a member of CDC-HKEAA Committee on Mathematics, Hong Kong STEM Education Alliance, HKIC STEM Alliance, eLearning Consortium, VTC Innovation and Technology Training Board and VTC Business Discipline Advisory Board, etc.

He is also the Specialist of HKCAAVQ, the Executive Committee Member of the Kowloon Region School Heads Association, the Association of Hong Kong Chinese Middle Schools and Kwun Tong Schools Liaison Committee.