Having been in the pandemic for more than 20 months, education around the world has experienced unprecedented disruption, yet also unleashed innovations that kept learning going in diverse ways.

A brand new ‘Global Forum’ will be held before the physical Expo on 1st Dec 2021 (Wed). In this forum, renowned educators, government officials and academics from Estonia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA and key international organisations in the education sector will share their valuable experiences and insights, and discuss the following:

1) How should our education systems be evolved and shaped to echo students’ essential needs in the post-pandemic era?
2.) How can we recover students’ learning loss during the pandemic and turn it into learning gain in its aftermath?
3.) What decisions should we make today in the context of pandemic to bring long-term positive consequences for the future of education?

Topic: Futures of Education and Schooling in the Digital, Post-Pandemic Era


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