Connecting You with Your Desired Business Partners

Learning & Teaching Expo Business Matching services providing personalised exhibitor recommendations, helping our visitors to find the most suitable educational resources effectively and efficiently. Let us save you from the time-consuming process of finding suitable exhibitors and arranging meetings with them.

FREE Business Matching Services is offered during the three-day Expo. By just four simple steps, you will be able to identify and meet your desired business partners at the Expo.

Why Business Matching?
  1. Sorting out a list of desired exhibitors for you based on your sourcing interests
  2. Save your time and effort in finding suitable exhibitors and arranging meetings
  3. Allow exhibitors to be well-prepared and allocate time for you
  4. Ensure that you are able to meet with the senior representatives of exhibitors
  5. Organise meetings for you in exclusive meeting rooms
4 Simple Steps
  1. Complete the form to tell us your interests
  2. Receive a list of suitable suppliers and products
  3. Select your desired suppliers and inform us
  4. Connect you with the right suppliers at the Expo
Please complete the following form to register for the business matching services.

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Thank you very much for your support and we hope that you will have fruitful meetings with our exhibitors.

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