Beware of Unauthorized Service Providers

Beware of Unauthorized Service Providers


Some guide book publishers (i.e. Construct Data/ Fair Guide/ Expo Guide) have been approaching our exhibitors and requesting company data updates for an online directory. They have obtained the names of exhibitors without our knowledge or agreement. Their offers may bear the bold captions of our exhibition and our company name, but Bailey Communications HK Limited has absolutely no connection with them. By signing an agreement with Fair Guide or Expo Guide, you commit yourself to paying for a 3 years advertisement commitment at a significant cost.

We do not have a partner agreement or relationship with Fair Guide, Expo Guide nor any of their other brands. Please remember that we will normally require exhibitors to update corporate profile in the Online Exhibitor Manual only. Exhibitors receiving correspondences from unusual sources are advised to scrutinize them carefully. If in doubt, please contact us for clarification.

If you have been affected by the solicitation, here are a few tips that have worked for others:

  1. Write to your local trading standards organization to report the incident. They should be able to give you some good advice.
  2. Optional: write a polite but explicit letter back stating that you have been mis-sold and that they are passing themselves off as expo organizers due to the way they present their information.
  4. Stop engaging with them and wait out the legal-threat storm.

Please note that this is not an instruction as to what to do, but just a guide on how others have extracted themselves from this extortion. (The tips are courtesy of

Beware of other unauthorized service providers:

It has been brought to our attention that exhibitors and visitors may have been contacted by unauthorized companies promising trade show related services. Official vendors are listed in our exhibitor manual, and if you have received any suspicious emails from other external companies about our services, please contact us to verify.

We want to assure all of our attendees and exhibitors that we take data protection seriously and have not shared any details with any third party companies.

We would also like to warn exhibitors and potential exhibitors that these companies do not have access to the data they are claiming to and would urge extreme caution in dealing with them.

Unauthorized vendors:

– Umaxmedia (attendee list)
– CMA Insurance Agent Limited (exhibition insurance)
– Emily George ( list)
– Ava Carter ( list)
– Jane Teruya ( List)
– Parker Bishop ( (Visitors/attendees List)

If you have been approached by any potential unauthorized vendors, please provide all the related information to us for further action. Thank you.