LTE 2020 Programme Registration Now Open

LTE 2020 Programme Registration Now Open

As the leading education Expo in Asia, LTE provides an excellent meeting place for teachers, school leaders and educators. At LTE 2020, participants will be able to explore the latest learning and teaching resources from around the world. In addition, LTE will provide the opportunity for educators to share insights into the future of education, as well as groundbreaking learning and teaching strategies and pedagogies.

Over 270 free programmes, including seminars, open lessons and handson workshops, will be hosted by more than 300 local and overseas education professionals. They will cover a wide range of learning and teaching strategies, pedagogies and topical issues in education.

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LTE 2020 Expo Highlights:  New Normal in Learning and Teaching during and after COVID-19

LTE 2020 will explore and examine the effects of the epidemic on education and all that has changed for the future of both learning and teaching. The brand-new Expo feature ‘Education in the Age of & beyond COVID-19’ Theatre will gather experts and educators to share their good practices of online learning and teaching during the epidemic, to inspire future education in response to the new normal in education.

9 Dec 10:15 Is Online Live Teaching Better than Pre-recorded Lectures and Face-to-face Teaching? A Practical Case Sharing during COVID-19
9 Dec 11:30 Lessons Transformed: Curriculum Redesign under COVID-19
9 Dec 13:30 Participatory Creative Performing Arts Practices (Music and Movement) via Zoom
9 Dec 14:05 Looking Beyond and Progressing Together: a Communities of Practice Approach to Build Hong Kong K12 Teachers’ Capacity to Implement Quality Online Learning and Teaching in the ‘Post-COVID’ New Normal
9 Dec 15:55 Assembling the Wisdom: Whole-School Planning of Primary Schools under COVID-19
10 Dec 10:15 Against the Epidemic: Innovative Primary Teachers Sharing
10 Dec 10:50 Against the Epidemic: Innovative Secondary Teachers Sharing
10 Dec 11:30 Assembling the Wisdom: Whole-School Planning of Secondary Schools under COVID-19
10 Dec 12:45 Jockey Club VR Project for Enhancing Chinese Language Literacy: Online VR-Supported Learning and Teaching of Chinese Writing in the Context of COVID-19
10 Dec 14:55 From Research to Promotion – Experiences of Mobile Technology–Enhanced Learning in Taiwan