Build A Safe School Campus with Advanced Hygiene Solutions

Build A Safe School Campus with Advanced Hygiene Solutions

Classes have resumed in Hong Kong and China with schools implementing extra measures to maintain school hygiene. Apart from traditional practices, innovative technology has also been used for establishing a clean and safe learning and teaching environment, and below are some of the emerging practices:

1.  Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst Coating
When Titanium Dioxide is exposed to light, it would degrade the hazardous organic pollutants into harmless substances. Therefore, Titanium Dioxide has emerged as an excellent photocatalyst material which is used for spraying on different material surfaces, producing a Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst coating with self-cleaning ability.

2. Hygiene Robot
Smart robots with artificial intelligence have been used to safeguard hygiene. The most common practice is to have the robots taking over extensive floor and air disinfection. With autopilot, the robots are able to accurately and efficiently spray disinfect along a preset route in a large common area, and return to its base afterwards.

3. Smart Device Sterilizing Station
Nowadays, smart device charging carts have evolved with the disinfection function. By putting smart devices in a charging cart with disinfection function, the UV lights inside the cart help sterilize the devices while they are being charged.

4. Rapid Human Body Temperature Detector
The contactless thermal imaging technology facilitates the measurement of the body temperatures of a large group of people. By installing a thermal imaging lens onto a specific camera, the facial recognition system can identify and detect body temperatures of many people at the same time. If a person with an abnormal body temperature is identified, an alert will appear on-screen to notify the personnel.

5. Special Classroom Design to Achieve Social Distancing
With social distancing being encouraged to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is necessary for schools to rearrange classroom settings to facilitate teachers and students to keep a certain distance from each other. Therefore, schools may need to source new kinds of furniture and facilities to enhance the flexibility of redecorating the classroom for different purposes in the future.

Helping Schools Safeguard Hygiene with Your Total Solutions

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