Speak at Learning & Teaching Expo 2020

Speak at Learning & Teaching Expo 2020
Share Your Insights into Education with Peers Worldwide

Learning & Teaching Expo (LTE) 2020 is now inviting global education professionals to be speakers at the Asia’s leading education event held in Hong Kong this December. If you have a topic which is worth sharing with the education community, submit your paper by 13 July 2020 (Monday).

Over 300 worldwide speakers are expected to deliver more than 200 inspiring presentations to over 15,000 global educators, covering a wide range of educational topics, including emerging pedagogies, groundbreaking learning and teaching ideas and strategies, adoption of educational technology, STEM and maker education, arts in education, early childhood education, inclusive education, character building and life education, digital competence and literacy, well-being and social emotional learning, and more.

Being a speaker at LTE, you will be able to share your knowledge and experience with peers from around the world, collect feedback for your educational projects, expand your network and enhance your exposure in the education community.

How to Apply?

  1. Come up with a topic

Your topic should be innovative, influential and unique, and be illustrated with practical case studies to enhance credibility and appeal.

  1. Prepare an abstract

The abstract should be precise and concise. You are advised to include:

  • presentation objective
  • presentation flow and content brief
  • how your presentation benefits the audience
  1. Decide your delivery format

You should decide the best format to deliver your messages. Possible formats include:

  • presentation
  • open lesson
  • workshop
  • discussion forum

Act now to submit your paper! Submission deadline: 31 July 2020 (Friday) – Deadline extended!

Click HERE to take a look at the 2019 Expo Programme for some ideas to develop your topic. We look forward to seeing you on stage at LTE 2020.