LTE 2019 SEN Theatre Illustrates Effective Teaching Strategies and Pedagogies

SEN Theatre

LTE 2019 will again provide a professional platform for education experts to share effective teaching strategies and pedagogies, as well as quality resources catering for special educational needs (SEN).

The full agenda of the SEN Theatre is now available on the Expo website. Check out the programme details and enrol in the inspiring sessions.

Highlighted Sessions
11 Dec 10:15  ‘Teaching Games for Understanding’ Applied to Physical Education for Moderately Intellectual Disabilities Students
11 Dec 11:35 Think Bright – Training of Higher Order Thinking for Preschool Children
11 Dec 15:15 Self and Career Planning: A Multi-faceted Review from a Cross-cultural Perspective with Practical Effective Strategies and Recommendations Highlighted
11 Dec 16:35 Taking Care of Reading Diversity: Library Services to Children with Dyslexia on ‘Reading to Learn’
12 Dec 10:50 The SENCO as an Agent of Change
12 Dec 11:35 Development of Intelligent Robot-aided Teaching from Perspective of an Instructional Designer
12 Dec 15:15 One Student One Robot: Providing More Opportunities for Children with ID Learning at Home
12 Dec 16:35 Providing Affective Support to Gifted Students in Student-initiated Programme
13 Dec 10:15 Self-directed Learning and Evaluation: Use of eLearning Tools to Integrate SEN Students into the Chinese Lesson
13 Dec 12:10 School-based Experience on Facilitating SEN Student Support by Cross-disciplinary Lesson Study

Full Exhibitor List & Programme Agenda

LTE 2019 is set to be the largest edition ever, with over 360 exhibition booths presented by global education suppliers from Australia, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK and the USA, all showcasing their innovative and effective education solutions.

Full Exhibitor List

More than 250 keynote presentations, seminars, workshops, open lessons and school visits will be hosted by over 300 international education professionals. They will share educational strategies, pedagogies and insights into the future of learning with more than 14,000 school leaders and educators.

Full Expo Programme

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