LTE 2019 Hands-on Workshops Provide Practical Experience in Applying EdTech in Class

Digital Learning Workshops

Powered by Apple Distinguished Educators, the series of hands-on workshops will inspire you and equip you with the skills to use Apple technology to transform learning and teaching.

The workshops cover different themes including machine learning, augmented reality, science learning, English learning, music composition and empowering students to cultivate creativity.

Highlighted Workshops

13 Dec 10:15 The Application of iPadOS Garageband to Enable Orchestral Performance and Group Composition in the e-Orch Setting
13 Dec 11:15 Learning Opportunities of Building Machine Learning Models
13 Dec 12:15 Making Learning Visible: Being an Activator to Facilitate Students’ Learning Science
13 Dec 13:15 New iOS AR Element for Different Subjects
13 Dec 14:15 Teaching English: Create Creative Creativity
13 Dec 15:15 Empower Student to Own their Creative Process by Using Keynote

Great British Classroom

Educational suppliers and experienced educators from the UK and Hong Kong will host a series of demonstrations, open lessons and workshops to illustrate the groundbreaking education solutions from the UK, and how to use the solutions to unleash students’ potential.

Highlighted Workshops

11 Dec 10:15 How Real-life Engineering Activities Motivate Students’ Learning and Foster their STEAM Abilities?
11 Dec 14:45 The Use of Virtual Reality to Facilitate Maker Education
12 Dec 11:35 Experiences Sharing on Using SAM Labs Wireless Electronic Blocks in English Lessons
12 Dec 15:50 Using IT Tools to Develop Students’ Computational Thinking Skills and Creativity

Full Exhibitor List & Programme Agenda

LTE 2019 is set to be the largest edition ever, with over 360 exhibition booths presented by global education suppliers from Australia, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK and the USA, all showcasing their innovative and effective education solutions.

Full Exhibitor List

More than 250 keynote presentations, seminars, workshops, open lessons and school visits will be hosted by over 300 international education professionals. They will share educational strategies, pedagogies and insights into the future of learning with more than 14,000 school leaders and educators.

Full Expo Programme

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