LTE 2019 Explore the Best Solutions for Workplace Learning

Developing ‘on the job’ skills and experience has always been important to employee value proposition. With the rapid technological advancement and the digital-native generation joining the workforce, Learning and Development (L&D) is now the most important long-term strategic focus for organisations which intend to recruit and retain top talent and nurture growth.

The brand-new Workplace Learning Theatre aims to help businesses and organisations in different sizes and structures to find the solutions that best fit their needs to build a dynamic workforce capable to cope with opportunities and challenges in the 21st century.


Highlighted Sessions

11 Dec 10:30 Leadership and Globalising Education
11 Dec 11:30 Designing Impactful Workplace Learning Experiences
11 Dec 12:30 Winning Attention in the Workplace: A Cognitive Design Approach
11 Dec 14:30 Futureproofing the Next Generation
12 Dec 10:30 Millennials Learn but Don’t Stay! Generation Xers Stay but Don’t Learn!
12 Dec 12:30 Speech Intelligence: The Power of Effective Communication Skills

Highlighted Sessions by Esperanze

12 Dec 15:30 Reimagine Education Together

Highlighted Sessions by Vocational Training Council

13 Dec 10:45 Applied Education – A Paradigm Shift in Education for the Digital Age
13 Dec 11:30 Nurturing Skilled Talent through Workplace Learning and Assessment
13 Dec 12:15 Project-based Learning in Vocational and Professional Education and Training
13 Dec 14:00 Enriching Learning in Workplace with Technology
13 Dec 15:25 Micro-lesson for Workplace Learning

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Full Exhibitor List & Programme Agenda

LTE 2019 is set to be the largest edition ever, with over 360 exhibition booths presented by global education suppliers from Australia, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK and the USA, all showcasing their innovative and effective education solutions.

Full Exhibitor List

More than 250 keynote presentations, seminars, workshops, open lessons and school visits will be hosted by over 300 international education professionals. They will share educational strategies, pedagogies and insights into the future of learning with more than 14,000 school leaders and educators.

Full Expo Programme

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