LTE 2018 to Connect Different Education Stages by Mapping out Blueprint for Innovative Education


Learning and Teaching Expo 2018 to connect different education stages by mapping out blueprint for innovative education

HONG KONG 15 November 2018 – Learning & Teaching Expo (LTE), an annual educational event jointly organised by Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity) and Bailey Communications HK, fully supported by the Education Bureau of the HKSAR, will return on 12th to 14th December 2018 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for its ninth year. Being one of the leading Asia’s Education Expo, LTE achieved great success with a record-high attendance of over 13,000 visitors and brought together more than 300 educators for exchange of insights on global education trends, emerging pedagogies, learning and teaching resources and technology through thematic events at the expo last year.

Global education keeps evolving with a focus shifting from imparting of traditional academic knowledge to equipping students with 21st century skills, innovative mindset and skillsets to tackle future challenges. Meanwhile, the rapid and dynamic technological advancement breaks geographical barriers to facilitate cross-border collaboration among governments, industries, schools and academics. This gathers stakeholders to develop education technology infrastructure, eLearning resources, learning platforms, e-assessments and digital reading with respect to drive internationalisation of education. With our unique geographical and economic advantages as an international financial and trade centre, Hong Kong is well-positioned to become the innovative education hub in Asia. The LTE has hence become an increasingly international exchange platform for promoting innovative education technologies and solutions. This year, themed ‘Tomorrow’s Learning Today’ again, LTE invited renowned educational professionals from Finland, Sweden, the UK, US, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong to share insights on trending education topics all around the world. The expo will also present more than 200 keynote presentations, seminars, workshops and class demonstrations of themes including SEN and early childhood education, with a view to connect needs at different education stages and better prepare for the future.

The media luncheon of LTE 2018 was concluded today as a prelude to kick off this year’s event. With ‘Innovate to Educate, Educate to Innovate’ as its theme, the hosts highlighted the features of the show, followed by guest speakers, school representatives and exhibitors of LTE 2018 to share their insights into the innovative education blueprint, cutting-edge pedagogies and the application of emerging strategies.

During his speech, Mr Victor Cheng Pat-leung, Executive Director of Hong Kong Education City, said, ‘Education sectors around the world actively promote resources sharing, striving tolead education reform through innovative technologies. With the rapid development of future technology, it is important to explore the opportunities and work closely with international scholars and institutions, in order to establish an extensive and assessible eLearning ecosystem for Hong Kong. In this year’s LTE, we invited world-renowned educators to showcase the implementation of emerging pedagogies and discuss the latest education topics covering AI in education, global education trends and 21st century school leadership, including Prof Rose Luckin and Prof Pong Ting-chuen who would discuss the application of AI in education; Prof Kirsti Lonka and Mr Lars Lingman who would share national education policy from Finland and Sweden; Dr. Shirleen Chee Yan-hoon and Ms Lee Suet-ying who would analyse how school leaders advocate education reform. Apart from keynote presentations, the expo also features over 10 school visits with Maker Space and Reading Environment as themes, as well as a number of exhibitions and competitions which showcase students’ computational thinking and their fruitful results of STEM education with teachers.’

Mr Stuart Bailey, Founder and CEO of Bailey Communications HK said, ‘We are excited to partner with Hong Kong Education City to organise LTE again, and we are glad to witness LTE becoming Asia’s leading education Expo, which attracts industry professionals all over the world to share their valuable experiences and introduce emerging strategies and solutions to Hong Kong. This year, to showcase our international exposure, the expo continues to have over 350 booths featuring education resource providers from Australia, China, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore the U.K. and the U.S. to display their innovative education tools and solutions. Their exhibits perfectly exemplify the education trends which cover the elements from AI, STEM education, IoT, machine learning and neuroscience, to student’s wellbeing, social emotional learning and life education. Riding on the tremendous success last year, we expect this year’s expo will attract over 14,000 visitors with 30% of them coming from overseas.’

To better equip students for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century, continued education reform are indispensable for future learning and teaching strategies. Elaborating on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education, Mr Victor Cheng Pat-leung, Executive Director of Hong Kong Education City said, ‘Through the application of Big Data technology, educators are able to analyse massive datasets mined from multiple channels to identify the patterns and dynamics behind the learning process of students. In addition, innovative technologies that integrate Big Data and AI, such as smart tutorial systems, personalised learning and emotional analysis and categorisation, also flavours education development.  Recently, SenseTime had launched the world’s first AI textbook for high school students and created an innovative experimental teaching platform with AI technology, leading to the successful development of a brand-new teaching model.  AI has become one of the dominant trends in STEM education, education hardware and software related to AI are flourishing and accessible to students of different ages and levels. For example, at the ‘AI Challenge – Weather Forecasting Competition,’ jointly organised by Hong Kong Education City, Microsoft, the Hong Kong Observatory and Hong Kong Meteorological Society, students can apply new technology tools in their daily lives and hence cultivate their interest towards technology. ‘

The luncheon was also joined by representatives of schools and businesses, who shared their experiences in the application of emerging education strategies in classrooms. Mr Kwok Man-chiu Primary School Master (Curriculum Development), Christian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Primary School, discussed how to tap into teenager’s social media preference by capitalising on new social learning platforms to create a mobile learning environment that extends from classroom to home.  This eLearning initiative enables the sharing of multi-media work among students, encourages peer evaluation, supports a new generation of school-based curriculum integration and coordination, and equips students with the 6C Deep Learning skills advocated by Professor Michael Fullan.

Mr Peter Chung, Head of the Computer Studies Panel and Information Technology Education Team in Heung To Middle School (Tin Shui Wai), shared how their students leverage ‘Pattern Recognition’ technology in AI and coding and create solutions that assist medical staff in consultation, enriching learning experiences, which ultimately build the perseverance and cultivate entrepreneurship. Miss Sandra Chan, CEO of Everbest Technologies Ltd, showcased the STEM Coding and Educational Technology Kit designed to help students master AI and machine learning, laying solid foundation for further acquisition of advance technology such as Python.

Beyond secondary and primary education, innovative education brings positive influence on other learning communities, including early childhood education and students with Special Educational Needs (SEN).  At LTE luncheon, Dr Vicky Tsang, Associate Professor in Occupational Therapy, Tung Wah College, explained the importance of ‘play’ in young children’s development. Citing cross-subject scientific experiment as an example, she picked an approach different from traditional teaching to enhance the cognitive, higher order thinking, communication and reasoning capabilities of students by allowing them to hypothesise experimental outcomes before performing the experiments and analysing the results for themselves, thereby stimulating students’ thinking process and learning interest.

Dr Dawning Leung, Executive Director of Audio Description Association (Hong Kong), shared an innovative pedagogy that integrates ‘Audio Description’ and ‘Tactile Drawings’ to enable students to learn science through sound, image and touch simultaneously. ‘Audio-Visual Translation’, as one of the ‘Audio Descriptions’, employs concise, lively language to describe images to facilitate students’ understanding of the content. This pedagogy can effectively enhance students’ concentration and memory of their newly learned knowledge.  Mr William Chan, Managing Director of Big Dipper Studio Ltd, demonstrated how to collect and analyse brainwave signals and evaluate the brain’s functional conditions through games and exercises. Memory, spatial perception, concentration, decision making and cognitive ability of users, especially SEN students, can now be enhanced with the aid of technology.

The three-day ‘LTE 2018’ features educational products and services from around the world, alongside a series of talks, seminars and forums on different topics, including ‘Keynote Presentations at Main Stage’, ‘K12 Theatre’ and ‘21st Century Classroom’. This year, Future Learning Theatre, Higher Education Theatre as well as Future Learning Workshops will be added to the programme, offering education stakeholders opportunities for exchange and exploration, standing together to put forward innovation in education.

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