LTE 2018 Supports You to Maintain Student Wellbeing and Promote Positive Education

LTE 2018 Supports You to Maintain Student Wellbeing and Promote Positive Education

A lot of institutions have begun to put emphasis on supporting students to maintain their wellbeing. Through school-based programmes and positive education curriculum, students are encouraged to understand themselves, develop positive relationships with others, and equip themselves with the skills of emotion and stress management.

For you to help students achieve healthy development both physically and psychologically, teachers and educators with outstanding achievement in positive education will share their creative approaches and practical case studies in LTE 2018.

Highlighted Sessions

Transition from Primary to Secondary: Create a ‘Strength-based Classroom’ – Encourage Students to Find Their Strengths and Appreciate Differences
12 Dec 10:50    SEN Theatre

Building A Positive Campus with Mutual Trust
12 Dec 12:15    Future Learning Theatre

Every Failure is A Success in Itself
12 Dec 16:45    K12 Theatre

Strategies for Promoting Mindfulness and Meditation cum Introduction to Learning Package
12 Dec 10:15    K12 Theatre

More than A Happy School? The What, Why and How of a PERMA School
13 Dec 15:15    Innovation Classroom

Fostering Children’s Moral Development through Storytelling
13 Dec 15:30    ECE Theatre

Back to the First Principle – Seeking Well-being in School
14 Dec 12:15    Future Learning Theatre

The Art of Learning to Live: Promoting Students’ Well-being Through Arts
14 Dec 15:05    K12 Theatre

Entering the 9th year, Learning & Teaching Expo (LTE) continues to provide a professional platform for educators to stay at the cutting edge of education. At the three-day Expo, educators will be able to source the latest education solutions worldwide, explore creative and practical pedagogies, and share ideas and experience with peers around the world.

Educational Resources Exhibition

Over 350 exhibition booths will feature worldwide educational suppliers from Australia, China, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, the UK and the US, etc., showcasing their new education solutions and learning resources.
>>> Exhibitor List 2018

Education Seminar Programmes

Over 200 sessions of keynote presentations, seminars, workshops and open lessons will be hosted by renowned and experienced educators from around the world, illustrating the latest education trends, innovative learning and teaching resources and practices, etc.  >>> Programme Details

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