Visit LTE 2018 to Explore the Latest Early Childhood Education Strategies

Visit LTE 2018 to Explore the Latest Early Childhood Education Strategies

In the latest Policy Address of HKSAR, it is announced that emphasis will be put on providing Chinese and English enhancement programmes for kindergarten teachers, including training on skills in teaching Chinese to non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students.


Likewise, to support early years teachers, the Early Childhood Education Theatre in LTE 2018 will gather education professionals from the early childhood education sector to explain how to support NCS students to learn effectively, and how to enhance students’ language proficiency in general. Experienced early years teachers and school leaders will also share their curriculum planning strategies, playful learning and social-emotional learning practices, and effective solutions to cater for learning diversity in class.

Highlighted Sessions

Responding to the Diverse Learning Needs of Ethnic Minority Children in Hong Kong through Strategic Management
12 Dec 10:15

Enlightening FREE PLAY Experience at Kindergartens to Nourish Openness of Play, Learning and Teaching
12 Dec 11:05

A Teaching Approach for Digital Literacy and Skills of the Future
12 Dec 14:20

Countryside Adventure: Cultivating Young Children’s Curiosity and Explorative Minds through Interaction with the Nature
12 Dec 16:10

Learning Differences of Non-Chinese Speaking Children
12 Dec 16:55

Intervention for Reducing Aggression during the Early Childhood Years
13 Dec 10:15

STEAM Education in Early Childhood: Explore the Pedagogical Play
13 Dec 11:45

My Experience Book – Personalised Stories Where the Student Is the Main Character
13 Dec 16:15

How to Implement the Observation Strategies to Raise the Quality of Early Childhood Education (ECEC) in Diverse Countries and Regions – Experiences from Finland and Hong Kong
14 Dec 11:00

Understanding Learning through Play from a Transdisciplinary Perspectives
14 Dec 11:45

Entering the 9th year, Learning & Teaching Expo (LTE) continues to provide a professional platform for educators to stay at the cutting edge of education. At the three-day Expo, educators will be able to source the latest education solutions worldwide, explore creative and practical pedagogies, and share ideas and experience with peers around the world.

Educational Resources Exhibition

Over 350 exhibition booths will feature worldwide educational suppliers from Australia, China, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, the UK and the US, etc., showcasing their new education solutions and learning resources.
>>> Exhibitor List 2018

Education Seminar Programmes

Over 200 sessions of keynote presentations, seminars, workshops and open lessons will be hosted by renowned and experienced educators from around the world, illustrating the latest education trends, innovative learning and teaching resources and practices, etc.  >>> Programme Details

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