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Visitor Online Pre-Registration Guidelines

To enhance the overall expo visitor experience, this year Learning & Teaching Expo has adapted new registration methods for booth admission badge and expo programmes. Please read through the step-by-step guidelines below for the complete registration procedures.

Admission Badge Registration

STEP 1: Register for your admission badge through

1.1.  When you click Visitor Registration, you will be directed to the expo registration page on Eventbrite

1.2. Complete the registration process by filling out and submit the digital form

STEP 2: Receive registration confirmation and Eventbrite account activation email

2.1.  Receive your expo ticket with your personal QR code through the confirmation email sent by Eventbrite.

You are required to bring along your expo ticket and scan it at one of the dedicated counters for getting your physical admission badge for entering the exhibition hall.

2.2 Activate your Eventbrite account so that you can access to your personal information and make changes.

You will also need the account user name and password for expo programmes registration, which will be illustrated below.

Expo Programmes Registration

STEP 1: Receive account activation email from Sched

2.1 Activate your Sched account through this email for expo programmes registration.

2.2 You will be asked to set a password for your Sched account.

2.3 Once the activation is successful, you will be able to log into the expo programmes registration system through Sched, on the expo website or through the expo mobile app, for registering the available expo programmes , cancel the registered ones, and check your individual itinerary.

2.4 You will receive personalised notification emails when you make changes to your own itinerary. You may also receive push notifications through your smartphone if the  organiser makes any special announcements.

Download the Expo Mobile App

Access to the Expo Programme Timetable

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