Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference

Co-located Event of Learning & Teaching Expo

The Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference (AISC) is the annual event for international school leaders and educators in the Asia Pacific region. AISC provides an excellent opportunity for school leaders in the international schools’ community to come together and to debate topical learning, teaching and resourcing issues that are all relevant and often specific to international schools.

Top Reasons to Attend AISC:

• Hear from world-renowned keynote speakers
• Meet and learn from other educators from across Asia
• Dive deep and get hands-on from other school practitioners in the workshops
• Explore the latest innovation trends and technologies in the exhibition
• Debate issues that you’re passionate about in the group discussion


2018 Keynote Speaker

2018 Keynote Speaker Dr Jared Cooney Horvath (PhD, MEd) is an expert in the field of Educational Neuroscience with a focus on enhancing teaching and learning practices. He has conducted research and lectured at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, the University of Melbourne, and over 100 schools internationally. Jared has published 5 books, over 30 research articles, and his work has been featured in numerous popular publications, including The New Yorker, The Atlantic, WIRED, The Economist, and ABC’s Catalyst. He currently serves as Director of the Science of Learning Group: a team dedicated to bringing the latest in brain and behavioral research to teachers, students, and parents alike.


Keynote Presentation – Science of Learning: The BIG Ideas

In this interactive keynote, participants will first learn how to situate the ‘Science of Learning’ and research within classroom practice. From there, we will explore how the brain works to make sense of reality. Often surprising and counterintuitive, knowing how the brain truly functions will help clarify many thoughts and behaviours we encounter every day.

In addition to his interactive keynote presentation, Jared will conduct a 3-hour deep-dive workshop for delegates of AISC to explore how understanding the way the brain absorbs and retains information can help to improve learning outcomes.