Asia’s Signature Education Event ‘Learning & Teaching Expo 2017’ Opens Today


Asia’s Signature Education Event ‘Learning & Teaching Expo 2017’ Opens Today

Focuses on latest learning and teaching trends and strategies for development of students’ 21st Century skills

HONG KONG, 13 December 2017 – Education is not just about teaching academic knowledge. It is also about nurturing students, facilitating their whole-person development for their success in the ever-changing 21st century. To prepare our next generation for future opportunities and challenges, educators must have a good grasp of the latest global education trends as well as learning and teaching resources, so as to identify and get hold of new opportunities in education. This way, they can effectively help students develop different skill sets, leading them to unleash their potentials and prepare for the future.

Asia’s signature education event, Learning & Teaching Expo (LTE) 2017, opens today at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre, and will run through to 15 December 2017. Presented by Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity), organised by Diversified Communications Hong Kong, and fully supported by the Education Bureau of HKSAR, the eighth LTE has set yet another unprecedented record of online registration from over 12,000 visitors. Themed ‘Tomorrow’s Learning Today’ again this year, LTE will have education experts, scholars, government officials and representatives, schools and business professionals discussing trending education topics, newest educational technologies, cutting-edge teaching strategies and resources and their latest development, helping education professionals to prepare for the future of learning.

During his welcoming speech, Mr Sunny Lee Wai-kwong, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hong Kong Education City, said: ‘The eighth Learning & Teaching Expo has witnessed the rapid development of technology, which has speeded up global evolvements and brought new opportunities and challenges to the education sector. Apart from basic academic knowledge, it is also essential for our educators to equip students with 21st century skill sets, including higher-order thinking capability, problem-solving skills as well as life-long learning attitude and character, so that they will stay competitive when they enter a society of knowledge and technology. Hence, educators should be ready to embrace innovation and future teaching and learning models. In this transformation process, a long-term, forward-looking and sustainable education plan is crucial for the nourishing of pillars of future. Hong Kong Education City will continue to be the market facilitator in innovative education and build the future education framework together with the government, educators and the business sector.’

Officiating at the opening ceremony, Mr Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, JP, Secretary for Education emphasised that the concerted efforts from all stakeholders were of utmost importance in providing quality education and pursuing innovation. In Hong Kong, the achievement was remarkable thanks to the synergy brought by the collaborations among schools, professional teacher associations, IT companies and the publishing industry. As the closest partner of the Education Bureau, Hong Kong Education City has put tremendous effort to explore innovative learning and teaching resources and establish collaborative relationships with other regions, with aims to broaden teachers’ horizons and inspire them with new educational insights. Today’s Expo was one of the many opportunities offered by Hong Kong Education City for featuring, sharing and consolidating innovative ideas. Tomorrow’s learning is being showcased today. We all have the opportunity to prepare ourselves for tomorrow and to be part of the change agents heading towards future.

This year, LTE focuses on tomorrow’s learning and the society’s need for future planning and talent. The Expo explores latest education strategies and practices to develop students’ creativity, IT literacy and skills, entrepreneurship and global vision, helping them to stay competitive for a bright future. As the Asia’s leading education expo, LTE gathers renowned education experts, government officials, scholars, school leaders and education pioneers from Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, mainland China, Finland, France, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK and US to share their insights into the development of global education. There will be more than 200 sessions of keynote presentations, seminars, workshops and class demonstrations, covering topics including eLearning, IT in education, 21st century education development, curriculum policies, leadership roles, inclusive education and more.

Previous popular programmes are coming back with fresh perspectives on key education topics. Returning programmes include: InnoSTEMer, where students from primary and secondary schools present their innovative STEM and Maker applications; SEN Theatre, where educators discuss the latest strategies and tools for effective education that empower students with special educational needs; Early Childhood Education Theatre, where experts and teachers explore topics ranging from children mental health, social-emotional skills development to ‘maker education’ through presentation and classroom demonstration; and 21st Century Classroom, where outstanding school teachers demonstrate their innovative teaching pedagogies.

On the floor, there are more than 300 booths showcasing global education solutions and resources. This year, the Australian pavilion makes its debut, sharing its advanced education solutions for Asia’s education market, including eLearning resources, classroom supplies and furniture. Finland and the UK pavilions are also making a return, introducing innovative and quality educational resources to educators in the region.

Mr Victor Cheng Pat-leung, Executive Director, Hong Kong Education City, said: ‘We are honoured to bring Learning & Teaching Expo, Asia’s signature education event, to the global education community again this year. For the past years, the industry has seen a gradual shift towards emphasising the development of a competency framework that consists of critical thinking, character, citizenship education and more. This framework facilitates students’ whole-person development and subsequently helps build a harmonious and stable society. Meanwhile, as the definition of ‘whole-person development’ broadens, it is most crucial for the whole education sector to collaborate for the new generation of education. We believe that LTE is an ideal platform for members of the whole education sector to connect, work together and realise a better teaching and learning environment.’

Mr Cheng added: ‘We have recently signed an MOU with Swedish Edtech Industry, which demonstrates both parties’ efforts to drive global collaboration in learning and teaching, as well as our mission to facilitate development of educational technology in Hong Kong together with global quality educational resource providers and local educators. This year, there is a record-high number of local and international educational technology companies participating in LTE, which means more opportunities for local educators to collaborate with different parties in the industry. In the long run, the ubiquity of quality resources will no doubt benefit students, in terms of developing their creativity, information and communication technology literacy and global perspective.’

Mr Stuart Bailey, Managing Director of Diversified Communications Hong Kong said, ‘We are very pleased to once again cooperate with HKEdCity and make Learning & Teaching Expo another great success. The registration and exhibition booth figures of the Expo have broken the records yet again, showing our capability of organising large-scale events that are appealing to both business and education professionals. More importantly, this event is a great occasion for the education sector to get prepared for the development of 21st Century education, and such is an opportunity not to be missed. The response of the Expo this year has been overwhelming, with visitors and exhibitors coming from Hong Kong, mainland China, Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Korea, Poland, Singapore, the UK and the USA. We are glad that the Learning & Teaching Expo successfully connects the education sector, those who are in the education business, tech companies and even start-ups. We hope that all participants will benefit from the Expo in terms of knowledge and network.’

Among the many highlights of LTE 2017, the Vocational Training Council, a new strategic partner of this annual endeavour, put a spotlight on vocational and professional education and training (VPET) by showcasing advanced educational solutions, including VR and AR technologies, 3D design and printing solutions, and more. VPET scholars and experts also will also hold presentations and discuss the development of VPET in the region throughout the event.

Dr Carrie YAU, GBS, JP, Executive Director of Vocational Training Council (VTC) said, ‘As our population is greying, how we can make use of our technology and design skills to meet the needs of our elderly and society would be a hot topic. One of the recognised solutions and contributors is the application of innovative technologies like sensory and robotic devices. You are cordially invited to come and hear some of this and many more at the ‘VPET Theatre’ and visit the VTC Booths at the Learning & Teaching Expo to better understand the technologies at issue and the views of overseas and local VPET experts on ways and ideas to tackle and face up to the challenges of tomorrow’s world. You may also familiarise yourself with the latest development of VPET at the Expo.’

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