Keynote Presentations 2016

Over 20 world renowned educators, including government officials, academics from school leaders from Finland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, the UK and the US, share insights into the holistic eLearning plans in different countries, the future of learning, strategies of engaging and motivating students, teachers' professional development and school leadership and management, etc.

Latest News

2016-12-28: 2016 Visitor Numbers announced; 2017 Expo Highlights announced

2016-11-23: New seminar programmes added

2016-11-17: New seminar programmes added; Latest Press Release and Media Coverage uploaded

Important Info

SEN Theatre

SEN Theatre 2016

The SEN Theatre provides a platform for educators to hear about the latest learning and teaching strategies, effective tools and global development trends for teaching students with special educational needs. [details…]

Seminar Theatre 1

Seminar Theatre 1

Educators and educational suppliers will demonstrate their new learning and teaching solutions with the themes of eLearning Hardware & Software, Interactive Learning, Innovative Padegogies for Different Subjects, Quality Educational Supplies from the UK and Ed-Tech Hands On Workshops. [details…]

21st Century Classroom

21st Century Classroom 2016

The 21st Century Classroom will have the schools from across Hong Kong with extraordinary achievements in eLearning to demonstrate their innovative pedagogies and skills for enhancing students’ learning effectiveness. [details…]

Seminar Theatre 2

Seminar Theatre 2 in 2016

Educators and educational suppliers will demonstrate their new learning and teaching solutions including seminars with the themes of eLearning, STEM Education, interactive learning, contemporary learning environment, school eAdmin and enhancing learning and teaching effectiveness. [details…]

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education Theatre

Experienced educators from Hong Kong and overseas to illustrate innovative education solutions for early years teachers and school leaders. [details…]

School Visit

School Visit 2016

Participants will be able to get a glimpse of the best practices of using IT in education. In addition educators were able to see effective STEM programmes in practice. [details…]