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Learning & Teaching Expo Learning & Teaching Expo Learning & Teaching Expo Learning & Teaching Expo

Show Guide
2014-12-11 (Thursday) 10am - 6pm
2014-12-12 (Friday) 10am - 6pm
2014-12-13 (Saturday) 10am - 5pm

Learning & Teaching Expo 2013:

Over 200 Booths

Over 200 exhibition booths with exhibtors, including more than 40 suppliers from the UK, featuring eLearning, cross-curricular resources, innovative school design, school facilities, classroom furniture and equipment, network solutions and school management systems. (Details)


Over 60 Seminars

Over 60 keynote presentations, seminars and forums by world-renowned scholars and educators to explore the latest development in education. (Details)


Innovation Classroom

Innovation Classroom by English Schools Foundation is a new exhibition feature in which new classroom equipment and furniture will be showcased. Creative and effective learning and teaching skills will be demonstrated.